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In evaluating requests, the Ella West Freeman Foundation gives special consideration to organizations in the Greater New Orleans area.  Within the New Orleans area, the Ella West Freeman Foundation supports a variety of programs in the fields of civic affairs, community development, the arts, education and human resources.  Priority is given to funding for specific projects or programs incorporating well-defined objectives and timetables and promising broad public benefits.  They are usually given for a period of time not exceeding two years.  Longer term projects will usually require evaluation for further funding.

Capital projects are considered for organizations with strong records of community service.  They must demonstrate true need for the proposed facility and they must also provide a credible fund-raising plan as well as demonstrate the capacity to maintain the building and facilities once they are in place.

Sustaining grants to organizations are given a lower priority.  Ordinarily, no operating support is considered for organizations supported by community giving campaigns such as the United Way and the Archbishop's Community Appeal. Decisions regarding grants will be made only at regularly scheduled meetings of the trustees which are usually held twice a year in the spring and fall.  Interviews will be conducted only at the initiation of the Foundation.

The Foundation uses a two stage application process.

Stage 1 Submission deadlines:  January 20 or September 1 at midnight. 

Prior to beginning the Stage 1 application on-line, the Proposal Summary Sheet must be completed and signed by a board member. Electronic signatures are not accepted.

When you are ready to begin the Stage 1 application, you will be required to upload the Proposal Summary Sheet as a PDF document as the last step. Organizations will receive an email acknowledging receipt.

Proposal Summary Sheet (PDF)

Proposal Summary Sheet (Word)

Stage 2 Submission deadlines:  March 1 or October 15 at midnight.  

Submitting organizations will receive notification by email no later than February 12 or September 15 whether or not they have been approved to continue to Stage 2 of the on-line application process.  If approved, the full proposal must also be submitted using our on-line application system.

 Instructions & Requirements - Stage 2
for Programmatic or Operating Support
     for Capital Support


Please use the links below to submit your application:

Click here to submit your Stage 1 application on-line.

Click here to modify a SAVED application or submit Stage 2 application.

Applications will NOT be accepted in hard copy by mail or otherwise. You must use the on-line grant application system.



These documents are in Adobe Acrobat Reader format. You will need at least version 4.0.

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