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Our History

The Foundation supports grant seekers from the Greater New Orleans area. Within this area, highest priority is given to grants in the following categories.
  • Education with an emphasis on private education
  • Arts, both performing and applied
  • Community improvement and governmental oversight
  • Human service organizations with an emphasis on capital projects for established agencies.

Grant seekers for capital projects will need to demonstrate a history of operational stability and the financial capacity to maintain the new facilities. Capital grants require evidence of broad support for the project and are usually made contingent upon the agencies entering into a contract to begin the project. A new capital contribution will not be considered until two years after the previous grant has been paid.

Operational support for health and human service agencies participating in combined campaigns such as United Way and the Archbishop's Community Appeal are usually avoided. We welcome capital appeals for these agencies.

The Foundation is very selective in its support of endowment appeals. To be considered, the grant seeker must demonstrate strong, effective management of their existing endowment and strict controls on the spending of the endowment.

Grant seekers should pay strict attention to proposal requirements. Failure to do so may cause your grant to be denied without review.

The board never entertains any presentation in person at its meetings. Your proposal must speak for itself. Every proposal to be considered by the board is assigned a board member to be the go-between and provide a preliminary recommendation. In many cases, this board member may contact the agency to answer questions or seek a site visit.

The board meets twice each year to review grants. Deadlines for receipt of summary sheets are January 20th and September 1st. If approved, a full proposal is due by March 1st or October 15th. Please make every attempt to submit your proposal before the deadline as we will be able to consider it with more care.

Our Mission